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The Legacy Foundation Japan is an organization that works for the betterment of African Americans, both in the United States and abroad. The Foundation connects all Black communities in Japan to a wider audience, reports on local and global news associated with the African American experience, and has a specific physical and highly organized digital location to host educational and inspirational events and networking opportunities for individuals and businesses. With a global mindset, the Legacy Foundation Japan enables the support of African American people and culture regardless of national borders.

Why You Should Join LFJ

  1. Are you needing information on the Black experience and resources in Japan?

  2. Do you feel alone, undervalued, or invisible and looking for an accepting community?

  3. Would you like easy access to the many Black communities in Japan to make valuable connections?

  4. Do you want to share your knowledge and resources to empower  Black people to achieve success in Japan?

  5. Do your children need Black cultural awareness, love, and appreciation for their heritage while being raised in Japan?

Member Benefits

  • Inspiration - Reach, attain, and sustain your dreams

  • Information - Knowledge, support, and direction for your journey

  • Training - Workshops and seminars focused on personal, business, and societal developments

  • And more!

How to Join

You can join in three simple steps!

  1. You express interest

  2. Meet, greet, and ask questions
    • Current LFJ members along with a representative from the membership committee will contact you by email or phone to discuss your interest in LFJ. You’ll be invited to get to know LFJ better by asking us any questions about offerings, values, and membership requirements and also sharing more about yourself during this casual conversation.

  3. LFJ invites you to join
    • Now that you have spent some time with our members and both sides have determined that you’re a good fit for LFJ, you will be invited to join, which includes submitting annual dues and completing your membership application.

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